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Last updated 9/30/12

Tigress was bred to Blaz von der Phillips Familie on 9/25/12 - 10/1/12.  This litter should be due around 11/27/12 - 12/1/12.   

Check back for updates.  Thanks!


Tigress by far has the best hips of any German Shepherd I have ever seen or heard of.  She is capable of doing vertical leaps straight into the air and will willingly come straight back down on her back legs - something that very few large breed dogs can or will do.  She has phenomenal ball drive - a true toy fanatic!  She will retrieve ALL Day and you would have to take the toys away to get her to stop.  She will then start bringing you sticks, then branches, and even gigantic limbs when she runs out of those things.  She is great with other dogs - probably because she is so busy looking for items to retrieve.  Though her retrieve and ball drives are awesome, she has shown no signs of aggression toward the cats either.  She has a good, solid temperament and displays no signs of fear.


You can follow along with this litter on Tigress's Current Litter Page