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Last updated 10/27/16

This page is devoted to placing other people's German Shepherds into good homes. 

Feel free to check back later for more or contact us if you know of a Shepherd to add.

 (We want to do our best in ensure that every German Shepherd finds a loving home.)



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Stella and Max are both German Shepherds that my wife and I have had since they were both 8 weeks. Stella is 9 and Max is 8. We rescued Stella and got Max from Sequoyah Animal Hospital.

My wife and I have to unfortunately look for a home for Stella and Max due to my travel schedule with work. She cannot handle the attention the dogs need and raise 2 infants at the same time. My job entails a lot of travel and time away.

Both dogs are great family pets. We have a year and a half old daughter and they love her and are great with her. They are loyal and very playful.

They are used to regular walks and attention. They love, I mean love playing fetch. Max is obsessed playing fetch, he will even dose off with the tennis ball in his mouth.

They are both inside and outside dogs, we have them indoors most of the time but they also have a kennel outside and we keep them there on days where its nice out.

They are not so fond of cats. They get along with other dogs but will have to be introduced well with walks together until they are acclimated with each other. They do not like fireworks – Max’s manly bark comes out when there is fireworks and or thunder. Stella looks for a place to hide, which is normally on the bed with us or right beside the bed.

Stella and Max are great with kids, family, neighbors and etc. They are loving dogs and protective to their home especially at night when they hear anything out of the ordinary.

Stella and Max have been together the last 8 years, we would prefer they go to the same home. They would be great family pets together and feed off each other really well.

We are not asking for any money other than just a loving home for these 2 beautiful dogs. We will have their shots updates and provide their beddings, toys, food and food bowls.


Please contact me with any questions, Hodgen Mainda, or 865-385-2130.



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If you have an available Shepherd that needs placement or are currently looking for one, please let us know.  Also, visit the German Shepherd Rescue Organization in your area for more help on placing your German Shepherd.  The AKC also has a list of all of the German Shepherd Rescue Organizations registered with them.....

(Please check back periodically to look for new posts.)

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