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Last updated 8/7/10

Tigress v. RossHaus -- (CGC, FO, PA, P1 titled) 

Hips: OFA - Good, Pennhip -

 Top 1% of GSD

Elbows: OFA - normal
Color:  Black and Tan
Date of birth: 9-3-2003
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 69 pounds

Tigress is a black and tan/red female with superb ball drive and EXCELLENT hips.  She is out of a long line of working dogs with narcotic/police backgrounds.  She does however, have a wonderful disposition and is completely trustworthy around people.  She has a nice head and is able to stay very focused on any task you give her. 

Her biggest claim to fame is her hips.  Though orthopedically she is an all-around well put together girl, there are few (if any) in the German Shepherd world that will rival her in hip scores.  She has been scored in the top 0% (less than 1% are better than her) by the University of Pennsylvania (PennHip).  She has hip scores that rival those of the racing greyhound.  High Praise, Indeed!  We are proud to have added her to the family here at Sequoyah Shepherds.







June 20th, 2010



October 2009




Tigress as a pup.....