Wasko vom Eifelgrund

Owned by Jack Rayl

Sequoyah German Shepherds

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Last updated 7/5/11

Wasko vom Eifelgrund (FO, P1, SCH III titled)

Wasko is extreme dog in every way.  He is big, beautiful dog with a good personality.  He is friendly and happy go-lucky off the field and on the field he is a force to be reckoned with.  Wasko is a BIG male and weighs in at roughly 104 pounds and was still standing at stud at 11 years of age.  He has produced exceptional good hips and nice bone mass.  Wasko is extreme in all of his drives - civil, prey, and fight.  He is very confident and outgoing.  He is friendly and happy go lucky until he enters the working field.  On the field, it is well recognized that he is a force to be reckoned with.  When he is called to come, he comes every time with the intent to break his last speed record.  When is he asked to heal, he does so with extreme enthusiasm.  And, when he is asked to protect, you will never have to ask twice.  His grips are very full and hard.  With Wasko, to know him is to admire him - What a dog!




Wasko is that he is a proven producer of working drives, excellent pigment, large size and good health! He is one of the most extreme working dogs in the world. Gary Hanrahan titled Wasko to Schuthund 3 and described Wasko as a Lion of dog with the only problem being that Wasko extreme drives make it very difficult to get him ready for a major championship. Gary said he had to work Wasko everyday to maintain good control; Gary was also told by the helpers in the 2006 German Shepherd Championship that Wasko was the most intense dog in the championship concerning protection.
Wasko is huge dog with a large head and extremely large teeth; he has endless energy and displays extreme drives even in ninety degree weather during the middle part of the day. This type of endurance is rare for any dog but extremely rare for a large dog; Wasko could be compared to the best of Dutch or Belgium malinois concerning drive.
Wasko has also inherited the super strike on the long bite; he runs wide open and then accelerates tremendously right before the strike. I find this as a characteristic that is usually passed on to their offspring; Wasko is 5-5 line bred on Jeff Flaming Sands father of Lord Gleisdreieck. Lord was known for his tremendous long bite and his ability for passing the super strike to his offspring.
Wasko has an excellent pedigree from known producing dogs with good health and producers of true working drive. Wasko goes back to Tim von Abfuhr SCH3(LGA) a Troll von der  bosen Nachburschaft son that is a proven producer.
Last, all of the above information is the truth as I see things, I paid myself the first stud fee to breed to Wasko when Gary was first training him; I liked my pups so well that I didnít hesitate to buy him when he became available. I have a partner (Henry Wilson) that got one of Wasko pups and he liked his dog so much that he wanted to buy Wasko if he came available; so we bought him together . I feel lucky to own such a dog! I now own the two best German shepherd males I have ever seen in Wasko and Iwo. They both have the same grandfather Tim von Abfuhr and they both have huge heads, teeth, and extreme drives. Videos will be available on both dogs and both dogs are being titled in United Kennel Clubís new sport dog program. If you want to breed to the most extreme big dogs Iíve ever seen in my 20 years Wasko and Iwo are it; both dogs are available at stud and both are very aggressive breeders.
Jack Rayl


SchH 3, DOB 11/5/03, SchH 1  289, SchH 2 289, Sch3 289.  Father is Ego vom haus Hipp. A dog for Top Sport and National competion. Very Very Strong and very High Drives. Please call or e-mail for more information.

Pictures from training on 6-19-11:  Coming up on 8 years old.