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GSD Placements

Last updated 1/25/18

We currently have 1 available adults at this time. Feel free to give us a call for more information or check out our YOUNG ADULTS page and our GSD Placement page.  Thanks!



Current Dogs for Sale: 

Journee -  Female:  20 months old 


 Active Family Dog/Personal Protection Prospect

Journee is the daughter of Moira vom Haus Hoengen and 3x WUSV Irmus Galan Nalag.  She is a beautiful female with basic obedience training and started on protection training.  She has a medium/high drive.  She is affectionate with a sweet and busy disposition.  House trained.  Has been good with other dogs - both male and female but will defend herself.  Her hips scores are prelimed at fair.  

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