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Last updated 4/27/12

Meet:  Dolores "Little D" (FO, P1, PD1x2)

Dolores comes to us from Slovakia through Eurosport K9.  She was purchased in September of 2010.  She is a black and red female born in late 2009.  She is a very sweet female and loves people.  That fact coupled with the obvious red/black color has quickly won Kathy's heart and she has become Kathy's new pride and joy.  (For those of you who don't know, Kathy has been looking for a Black/Red female for a very, very long time - now, I think we might have finally found one.)  But, Dolores has a very serious side as well. She has extreme civil drive for her age and her pedigree is a mix of old Czech, Belgian, and German blood.  We are very pleased with our new addition and want to extend a very large THANK YOU to Taunya at Eurosport.


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