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Take a look at the page below to see some orphans that need a loving home!

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Last updated 11/27/16

We currently have no available adults at this time. Feel free to give us a call for more information or check out our YOUNG ADULTS page and our GSD Placement page.  Thanks!



Current Dogs for Sale:

Dutch -

Family Protection Dog and Club level Sport Dog


 Black Male Dutch/Belgian Malinois.  2 years old. 













Nala - Nala vom Sequoyah Haus:  5 year old female 

  Active Family Dog  


Nala has been raised in a family home and was recently returned to Sequoyah.  She has not been "protection trained but is a great "alert" dog - quick to let you know if there is anything unusual going on and confident enough to stand her ground.  She is sweet dog who would make an excellent house dog but still very active.  She is good with other dogs after being introduced - I am not sure if she is good with cats as I don't think that she has ever been around them.  We can test her with cats though (and will try to do that in the next week or so).  She has been hip and elbow certified by OFA Hips: Good and OFA Elbows:  Normal (AT 5 YEARS OF AGE).  She has been obedience trained.  She is approximately 72 pounds.  She would make a great pet for an active family. She is social, but just suspicious enough not to "take up with just anybody".  Plays well with bigger dogs.  

bulletDOB:  December 12, 2010
bulletSire:  Ryker vom Sequoyah Haus
bullet Son of Uny Milvel and World Competitor Tom vom Haus Pixner
bulletDam:  Nelly Eurosportu
bullet Social, confident, outgoing
bullet House Trained
bullet Basic Obedience trained
bullet Good with kids
bullet OFA Hips/Elbows:  GOOD and NORMAL at 5 YEARS OF AGE. 
bullet Phone:  423-991-0979 or 423-774-2611





Indee -  Sequoyah's Indian Summer 

 Obedience trained / Protection Alert Dog/ Housebroken


Ghirra ze Slovenskeho domu and Wasko vom Eifelgrund daughter.  Indee is a very active, intense dog.  Her obedience is good but she is strong willed.  She is very much like her mother - tough, intense, and drivey with a confident disposition and outgoing personality.  She loves a ball, loves to play.  He has not been trained in personal protection but would serve as a good home protection dog, excellent ALERT dog. She has always been an indoor/outdoor dog and is housebroken.  High energy but a nice "off" switch.  Will be sold with restrictions/conditions. 

  • 5 years old
  • House Trained
  • Basic Obedience trained
  • Intact Female
  • Social, confident and outgoing
  • Great with rabbits (not sure about cats)  :-)
  • Does not need to be with other females - thinks she is completely in charge. 
  • Current on vaccines and Heartworm preventative

    Daisy -

    Family Protection Dog and Club level Sport Dog


     Lighter sable female with saddle markings.  Tigress v RossHaus / Wasko vom Eifelgrund daughter.  3 years old.  Basic Obedience trained, Good ball drive. House-broken.  Very devoted to family.  Hips and elbows have been certified as exceptional - both PennHip and OFA have been done.  Larger female with strong bone and nice head.  NOT good with small dogs or cats.  








    Sherle R. Thompson, DVM
    Veterinarian and German Shepherd Breeder
    Chattanooga, TN
    Email: sequoyahgsd@aol.com
    Phone:  (423)991-0979