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GSD Placements

Last updated 4/21/17

We currently have 4 available adults at this time. Feel free to give us a call for more information or check out our YOUNG ADULTS page and our GSD Placement page.  Thanks!



Current Dogs for Sale:

Gunner - Obedience Titled and started Personal Protection

Family Protection Dog, Personal Protection Dog and Club level Sport Dog


Dark sable intact intimidating Male German Shepherd.  3 years old. Obedience training and titled and started in protection work.  Will make a very, very good personal protection dog.  Solid, confident, tough.  Large Male.  Can be an active dog with a decent "off-switch".  Good disposition and friendly nature.  Can be pushy with other dogs.  He has not spent any time around cats.  Very nice drives - easily food, ball, tug, or sleeve motivated. 


Hip and Elbow Certified






Excellent Personal Protection Dog










Katie -   


Active Family Companion Dog and Protection Alert Dog


Blanketed Black and tan female registered AKC German Shepherd.  2 years old. Obedience training started.  Confident female.  Social.  Outgoing.  Loves to rough house and may be too much dog for a very laid back household.  Great with people but can be mouthy.  Loves attention.  Enjoys ball but not obsessive over it.  Solid nerve.  Good disposition but will alert to strangers and may become protective of the family.  Can be pushy/dominant with other females so I would recommend single dog household or household with tolerant large male - not another adult female.  No small dogs or cats.